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Welcome to our newest physician Dr. William Duggan, MD

Accepting New Patients at 2 locations:

Massillon Family Practice

  • 6724 Wales Ave NW
  • Massillon, Ohio 44646

Hartville Family Physicians

  • 855 West Maple St.
  • Hartville, Ohio 44632
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Community Health Care

Community Health Care is a medical practice with seventeen sites serving over 80,000 patients in Medina, Stark, Summit, and Wayne Counties in Northern Ohio. Our health care providers include board-certified Family Physicians, Pediatricians, OB/GYN, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Nurse Practitioners.

"If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness."

Our mission always is, and always will be:

  • To provide our patients with the highest quality of innovative, comprehensive health care, and health care services;
  • To provide medical care that is... compassionate, supportive, personal, convenient, and cost-effective;
  • To encourage effective educational programs for our physicians, staff, patients, and the whole community;
  • To carefully recruit the finest staff possible, giving maximum support and encouragement to all personnel to foster growth and pride in the organization; and
  • To continually improve the efficiency and quality of all operations and resources of the practice, so as to generate a profit as a result of our combined efforts.
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Specialty Care

Therapy Center

Who is CHCI

  • Heather Lollman, PT, DPT
  • Krista Jaworski, APRN
  • Lauren Spicer, APRN
  • Dr Emily George MD
  • Alexa Matsui, APRN
  • Angela Hissner, APRN
  • Thomas Ruzics, MD
  • Daniel Hall, MD
  • Ashley Korosa
  • Brent Swartzentruber
  • Brittany Marshall, OT
  • Carly Appleman, APRN
  • Brent Grass, APRN
  • Darcy Drevon
  • Jill Parrish, MD
  • Michelle Holmer, MD
  • Ajay Nair, MD
  • Brady Steineck, MD
  • David Olson, DO
  • Diane Belardo, MD
  • Douglas Wenger, MD
  • Erin Weber, MD
  • James M. Bailey, MD
  • Jennifer Godwin, MD
  • Jessica Falvo-Lang, MD
  • Jon Seager, MD
  • J. David Stokes, JR. MD
  • Linda Keith, DO
  • Pamela Rucki, MD
  • paulo Borges, MD
  • Philip Withnell, MD
  • Rachel Patel, MD
  • Rishin Patel, MD
  • Rita Kazlauskas, MD
  • Rodney K. Ison, MD
  • Steven Scheufler, MD
  • Elora Spino, APRN
  • Jenna Green, APRN
  • Jessica St. Clair, APRN
  • Jordan Seese, APRN
  • Kelly Milin, PTA
  • Mary Akers, APRN
  • Nancy Scaglione, APRN
  • Tammy Lincoln, APRN
  • Grenville Machado, MD
  • Elisabeth Dillard, LISW
  • Hope James, LISW
  • Vince Pilolli, APRN
  • Sarah Kaminksi, APRN
  • Leandria Tazewll, MD
  • Sandeep Chatha, MD
  • Stacy Mandato, MD
  • William Duggan, MD